The development of strong communities calls for safe and stable facilities from where goods and services can be provided, so that healthcare, education, shelter and community wellness can consistently promote social development. ZCM uses local resources to establish buildings that offer services that address the needs of the community, support wholesome development, and are appropriate for their environments.

  • Food Security and Nutrition: ZCM addresses the roots causes of poverty through long-term solutions that ensure permanent access to nutritious food.
  • Water Supply: ZCM provides water supplies in the form of water wells and hand pumps to some of the more hard-to-reach, impoverished places in the world.
  • Healthcare: ZCM promotes equal access to basic healthcare services so that men and women will be healthy enough to support their families and so that children can thrive and attend school regularly.
  • Livelihood: ZCM encourages long-term sustainability for families by providing livestock that can contribute to various aspects of a family’s life.
  • Education and Skills Training: ZCM believes that education catalyzes change as it provides the information and skills needed to ensure permanent access to the basic rights of food, water, shelter, health, work and dignity while addressing the roots of chronic poverty and hunger.
  • Shelter and Clothing: ZCM uses local resources to establish shelters as well as to provide clothing to those in need to help protect from environmental elements and to preserve human dignity.
  • Infrastructure: ZCM builds schools, mosques, and other structures that serve as vital supporters of daily life as well as hubs of information, education, and other necessary amenities for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.



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