Orphan FAQs

The Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP) gives food, shelter, education, healthcare, and parental care to orphans. Rimici Zakat, Sadaqah & Family Crowd Fund Raising Program (ZCM) considers an orphan a full orphan if both parents are deceased, and a half orphan if the father is deceased. Your monthly donations are used as a stipend for the family or guardian, or toward ZCM-sponsored orphanages. The orphanages are operated by ZCM employees or partners.

Donations made to the general OSP fund, rather than to a specific orphan, allow ZCM to channel the funds to wherever they are needed most so that the maximum possible number of orphans receive the care they need.

Yes, OSP is zakat eligible. In order to be eligible for zakat funds, the beneficiary must fall under the category of “poor and needy,” and the orphans fit that description.

ZCM encourages a minimum one-year commitment to sponsorship. Your sponsorship is automatically renewed unless you call ZCM and cancel. If financial hardship prevents you from making payments, ZCM will continue sponsoring the orphan you were matched with for a minimum of one year after you discontinue sponsorship to ensure his or her continued health and welfare.

There is no limit on how many orphans you may sponsor. It is best to select siblings as to maximize the effect of your donations.

No. All donations made to OSP go directly to orphans. ZCM uses money from a general fund for administrative costs.

ZCM has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator and is a top-rated non-profit with Great Nonprofits. ZCM partner organizations include United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, International Migration Organization and the UN Refugee Agency. ZCM was established in 2001 and has ongoing relationships with the Islamic Society of North America and the Muslim-American Society.

You may send your sponsored orphan an Eid gift and donate to other seasonal programs on his behalf. You may receive a yearly progress report upon request. Every donor receives a Welcome Package which includes the profile and a photograph of the orphan you are sponsoring.

The $50 cost of sponsorship reflects the average monthly cost of the services and benefits to the orphan and is periodically adjusted for inflation. Any monthly donations less than $50 will go into the general OSP fund and will supplement unexpected medical or other needs of sponsored orphans.

ZCM equips orphans with tools for their future, including education and job training, during the sponsorship period. Each orphan is well prepared by the age of 18 to be self-sufficient. However, if any of the orphans are still in high school at 18, ZCM encourages the donor to continue to sponsor the orphan until the end of each orphan’s schooling.

You can visit our contact page for details on our mailing address, phone number and Orphan Sponsorship Program direct email address.