ZCM aims to be the first on the ground when an emergency strikes, providing emergency relief and helping those affected immediately. When floods, droughts or earthquakes happen, we’re there: providing life-saving food, water, shelter, medicine and toiletries to families who have lost everything. We not only save lives, we rebuild them – we stick around even after the situation has calmed, helping families put their homes back together.

We don’t even stop there – where people are affected by the same disasters over and over, we think about how to lessen the blow before emergency strikes. In flooded countries like Bangladesh , we raise houses on plinths so the water doesn’t reach homes and destroy them, protecting communities for years to come. In drought-stricken countries like Niger , we build long-lasting wells and plant crops which can survive in dry weather, so families won’t starve.

Current project – Syria

As the Arab Spring swept across the Middle East in 2011, few countries suffered as severely as Syria . At least 60,000 have been killed, and civilians have fled their homes in their thousands to escape the violence and bloodshed.

Although providing help inside Syria was initially extremely difficult, ZCM fought to gain access. Since early 2012, we have been providing food, medical supplies and other assistance inside Syria – to Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib and other cities.

We have also been supporting refugees on the borders of Syria since the start of the crisis. Through our bases in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, we have supported thousands of people.