For those that miss any days of fasting during Ramadan – there are two types of missed fasts.

For any days missed through necessity – Fidyah is payable.
For any days missed unnecessarily – Kaffarah is payable.

What is Fidyah?

When someone cannot fast in Ramadan and can’t make up the lost days afterwards (for example, due to ill health or pregnancy) they should then pay for someone else to be fed.

How much is payable?

The present rate is $5 for each day that is missed. (This should provide one person with two meals or two persons with one meal.) If someone misses all the fasts of Ramadan, it would amount to $150.

What is Kaffarah?

Kaffarah is the compensation that you should pay if you deliberately miss or break a fast in the month of Ramadan without a valid reason.

What is the required payment?

To atone for the missed / broken fast, a person must either fast continuously for 60 days, or feed 60 poor people at a rate of $5 per day per person. This amounts to $300 Kaffarah for each missed / broken fast