From widows struggling to support their orphaned children, to families who have lost everything in floods or wars, one donation to Livelihoods Solutions could help countless people. When one person is able to earn an income, the whole family – children, spouses, grandparents – benefits. When one business start-up loan is repaid – and 98% of our interest-free loans are repaid – the money can be used to help another family, and another.

When your one donation is recycled to help family after family, earning livelihoods for years to come, this is a form of sadaqah jariyah, or ongoing charity. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “ When a person dies, his deeds come to an end except three: a continuing charity… ” (Muslim) Give, and the reward could outlive you.

Current project – Bangladesh

In Bangladesh we’re providing female only households with a grant, along with the necessary training and equipment, to help them start a business. Once their business start making a profit the women repay part of their grant to community self-help groups from which they can expand and diversify existing businesses and more importantly, to help other woman benefit from similar grants to start new businesses. Not only have we helped these women earn an income and support their immediate family, the local economy is stimulated and in the self-help groups, women have taken the initiative to create community-led saving initiatives.

Livelihoods Solutions aren’t just in Chechnya: we’re also giving women and families in Bangladesh and Pakistan the tools and training they need to start small businesses of their own – in tailoring, crop production, crafts…the list goes on